Car Application System for IPD Subang Jaya by Anggur Solutions


For last two weeks Anggur Solutions ( get one task to develop the Web Based Application for car application system for Ibu Pejabat Daerah Subang Jaya. This system purpose to upgrade the old car application that using paper form for apply to use any transportation and approval of application

The system was completely done within two weeks period only. This because they are urgently needs the system to present to IPK. The result of the system and the presentation was satisfied all of them. The system name is ETRES (Electronic Transport Reservation System) –

ETRES has four roles of users of the system. Which is “Pemohon” is user that uses the system for apply the transportation of IPD Subang Jaya. Second user is “Pegawai Penyokong”. This Pegawai Penyokong was using the system to agree and support the “Pemohon”. The third user is “Pejabat Pengakutan” which is responsible to submit the application for approval by the fourth user “Pegawai Pelulus” that responsible to approve or reject the application.

Below is preview of the ETRES system ( :

ag1 ag2 ag3 ag4

For full demo testing please submit your inquiry here :

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